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Weather App




The weather app is a preinstalled mobile app for iOS devices is a helpful and accurate application by Apple, and is among one of the most popular and well-known out there. It is useful to see the current temperature, hourly forecasts for the next 24 hours, and a 10-day forecast for cities around the world. The built-in weather app is also popular for its nice graphics and subtle, nature animations. 


However, the Weather app lacks in intimacy. For an application that countless people all over the world use every single day, it gives users no personal connection or a sense of excitement. The information is rather disorganized on the screen and can be overwhelming. 

To some, checking the weather can be just another default task to do in the morning. However, I believe a weather app can go far beyond simply showing the temperature. Here is my original redesign of the app, focusing on the objectives bellow:


1. Create a simple, clean, and consistent design that organizes all the necessary information, but does not overwhelm the screen.

2. Focus on design elements that can translate across the world and is accessible by anyone. I want kids to be able to enjoy and comprehend the information as well.

3. Pair a warm, natural color palette with playful icons to create an inviting feeling, rain or shine.

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