Book Report

Since graduating college, I've been reading to enhance my vocabulary and imagination. Welcome to my book reports.

The Night Circus

by Erin Morgenstern

In three words this book was: enchanting, mystifying, and unbalanced.

It took me three tries to read this book. But to be fair, I was very distracted by school, extra-curriculars, work, etc. and this book needed –no, deserved– my undivided attention. It was a quick read once I had the time; it took me a week. I was under a spell through it all. Every time I tried to put the book down I felt the magic pulling me back into the circus. I could practically hear Herr Friedrick Thiessen’s clock ticking and smell the caramel wafting in the air. The idea of the plot and the characters and the dreadful duel between star-crossed lovers was out-of-this-world. I applaud Erin so much for her creativity and imagination. She also did a stunning job of bedazzling the circus and it’s members. And she described everything with such detail I could see tricks being performed right before my eyes. The writing was captivating and charming, a little wordy but I think it complimented the story well.

All of my love goes to the pure relationship of Marco and Celia. I lived for their stolen glances and their silent conversations that thrived on magical worlds they would gift to each other. They were in deep love well before they met. HOW ROMANTIC IS THAT. Every time Marco would speak of his undeniable affection towards Celia my heart would throb and melt. Erin did incredible work on developing the forbidden yet dreamy love affair between the two illusionists; nonetheless, the ending was unsatisfying. I wish I knew how they continue to develop their love as they haunt the circus for eternity. I wish I could see how happy they are now that they are free. I wish there was more, Erin.

Overall, this book was an 8/10 would recommend to a friend.